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We do Professional White Hat SEO to Rank your Website High in Google, Bing and Yahoo’s Search Engines.

The Internet has changed the way we live and run our businesses.

Now everything that we need, we search for first: Information, services, products, reviews, they are all just a click away on our computer, tablet or smart phone. The convenience of using the Internet has made it very important for your business to have an online presence.

But with the increasing number of businesses now on the internet, it is no longer enough to just have an online presence. If your website just sits there, Google will look at your website like old news. They will push your website back so many pages in their search engine, that no one searching for your product or service will ever find you.

That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important. It’s a series of techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to your website by improving its ranking in the Search Engine Results Page or SERP for short. So, if you want to be found, you absolutely have to have your site professionally optimized by an SEO expert.

3 More Great Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs SEO

1. 94% of people who are looking for products and services are using a search engine to find them. So if your business is not online, or can’t be found online you are denying your business the chance of being found by any of the 3.17 billion users who search the Internet every day.

Having a website is just a part of your overall strategy. Your website needs to be found in Google’s search engine in order for it to generate any business, it’s all about where you are ranked in the search results. Businesses are investing in SEO strategies to get them to climb the search rankings higher for the coveted number one spot.

With close to one billion websites operating on the Internet today, competition for higher search rankings has gotten tougher. While ranking in the #1 spot has gotten harder, research shows that 91.5% of searchers do not go past page 1 of the search results!

SEO plays an important role in having your website found along with using other online marketing strategies such as social media and blogging, SEO becomes a powerful tool to improve your search rankings.

2. SEO delivers a High ROI
About 76% of marketers rate SEO as excellent in terms of Return-on-Investment. This is because SEO is one of the most affordable tools for online marketing and yields consistent and effective results. SEO is not just affordable; it is cost-effective because it can be scaled to your budget and business needs.

Link-building, Keyword analysis and other SEO techniques can be done on your desired scale. SEO also includes keyword research on your target audience to know exactly the keywords needed to get in front of them in the search engines.

SEO is an investment that pays out over and over in the long-run. Because it targets your marketing efforts squarely on your intended audience. Every dollar spent on SEO can be evaluated on the returns it generates. And this is easy to evaluate because everything is tractable in Inbound Marketing.

3. SEO Takes Advantage Of Weak Competition
You would be hard-pressed to find a business that has not integrated SEO into its marketing and promotional strategy. A properly designed SEO strategy can position your business to harvest interested buyers for your search terms. However you need professional expertise to conceptualize this approach.

Business-owners need to understand that SEO is a specialization. It is not an endeavor that can be learned over-night and applied successfully.It is a continuous never ending service if you want to get sales from the internet for years to come.
Using the same analogy in building a website yourself, or having one designed by a professional will yield far better results than the do-it-yourself website.

Those that still do not believe in the capabilities of SEO and only do the old traditional marketing strategies will regret it over time. Everyone shops on the internet now and if you are not on page one you basically don’t exist to these internet shoppers looking for your product or service.

But here is the good news, we also specialize in local marketing, that means we have a great chance of getting your website on page one in your city. And of course we do professional SEO to get you to rank nationally if that is also your market.

The best part of all, this SEO Money Machine like all the rest of our money machines is guaranteed to return every penny of your investment in the form of increased sales and profits from the online customers it brings. So it’s technically free!