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Why Would You Want More Money Machines You Ask?

Hi, his is Ron again. The reason you want more money machines is because you make more money! Each money machine creates a new stream of cash flow to your bank account. You should never rely on only one form of marketing and that’s what most businesses do. And when that form of marketing drys up and no longer works the business closes.

Our Money Machines are all proven marketing systems that have made a lot of businesses a lot of money. The best part is, all of our money machines are guaranteed to return every penny of your investment in them in the form of increased sales and profits that they bring. So they’re all technically free!

Below is a list of our Money Machines:

Coaching Money Machine: I started with this one because you may be so hands on that you want to do everything yourself. If that’s you, that’s perfectly fine. I can be your mentor, trainer and coach. If you’re local, I can come to your business. If your not, that’s no problem, we can just as easily have an online coaching session at and/or on the phone. If you would rather that I train and coach one of your key staff members, that is perfectly fine as well.

Website Money Machine: You need a website built by an expert in online marketing, SEO and copy-writing. This type of website will increase your sales, profits and cash flow. It will have your call to actions and will be found by your target audience in Google. It will become your 24/7 digital Salesperson pulling in sales and leads while you sleep! Having a new mobile responsive website is a must for every business.

Copy-Writing Money Machine: If you want a killer website that out sells your competition, having your website professionally copy-written is key.

Blog Money Machine: Businesses that blog average 55% more website visitors than those that don’t. If you don’t have time to blog we will do it for you. That’s what we do!

SEO Money Machine: 91.5% of searchers do not go past page 1 of the search results! So if you ever want customers that are searching every day for what you sell, you need the SEO Money Machine. Remember SEO brings far more people to your website than all other forms of marketing and SEO is search engine marketing.

List Building Money Machine: The money is in the list, every customer you have ever had or will have needs to be on your email marketing mailing list. We will have them “double Opt In” to receive important information like your Newsletter or eBook that we can create for you.

Email Marketing Money Machine: If executed correctly, email marketing has the potential to increase the value of your customer relationships while also converting new prospects. Email Marketing is a big part of all successful businesses. It is far to valuable not to do it, if you don’t have time to do it, we can do it for you or train you or one of your staff members.

Social Media Money Machine: We will bring your targeted prospects from all the largest social sites like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube. Getting leads from Social Media is now a must, but only after you have a great website in place, because we bring them from the social media sites to your website, they better be impressed.

Referral Money Machine: This is the best referral system ever! Imagine running nothing but referrals!

Joint Venture Money Machine: Joint Ventures can explode your business very quickly! I personally set up your first two joint ventures. And then you have the step by step system to get as many as you want on your own.

USP Money Machine: USP is short for Unique Selling Proposition. Having a strong USP is the key to crushing your competition, our professionally copy-written USP for your business will make you the only logical choice for your prospects to choose!

Total Business Money Machine: This amazing business system, systematizes your entire business! That’s why it increases your vacation time. Because the system will allow you to come to work only when you want to. And your business will run and grow without you! You can now sell your business for a lot more or just open more locations by handing the businesses system to someone else. Or sell them as Franchises!

Inbound Marketing Money Machine: This is a huge money machine that has a lot of moving parts. It is far bigger than all the rest. It includes many of the money machines above at no extra charge. This machine turns your website into a hub into the center of the internet and brings targeted prospects like a magnet from all over the internet to your website. These strategies put you in front of thousands of more prospects.

This is creating a whole new sales and marketing department for your business. It gives you Inbound leads or prospects, that contact you. If you are doing traditional sales and marketing, we call that “Outbound Marketing” that is fine, because you need to do both.

Outbound marketing is slowly loosing it’s power because your prospects are tuning out outbound advertising and using Google or Social Media to find what the want to buy. And that is what Inbound Marketing does, it goes to where your targeted prospects are and pulls them to your website.

It takes a lot of continuous work that never ends, unless you want the online leads to stop coming in. You now have a marketing department working for you. You are strongly advised to let Amass Profits run this marketing department for you. It would be a lot less expensive than trying to run it in house, in your business.

However if you insist, we can train your staff and over time we can make that happen. But remember the only way it could work is if I train your staff, it would take you years and a small fortune to try to create and in house Inbound marketing department without the years of experience that are needed to build it right.

There is just way to much to learn before you can do it properly. Because it is so much work, it is not for all small businesses, the lifetime value of your customer needs to be at least $2000 to make this money machine profitable. The reason I made all the other money machines, was to break up Inbound Marketing into sections to make it affordable to all businesses. All the other Money Machines are very affordable and can be done in house in your business.

Again, the best part of all, our money machines are guaranteed to return every penny of your investment in the form of increased sales and profits from the online customers they bring. So they are technically free!