Why Do We Call Our Websites “Money Machines?”

Because they are designed to make you money!

They aren’t that pretty website that a web designer built or that free website someone built that just sits on page 100 of Google that no one will ever see. Our websites are designed by expert Internet (Inbound) Marketers and we make sure that your prospects see your website.

They are state of the art, fast loading with clean code, perfect fonts and are beautiful  mobile responsive websites. This means your website will look & fit perfect without having to scroll all over the place on a smart phone, tablet, desktop monitor, even a large screen TV!

Our websites make you money because they are designed to generate leads for you from the Internet. They are designed to rank high in the search engines. Our website targets your prospects by knowing their search (or key) words and it shows up in their search.The website then lets your prospects call you, walk into your business, fill out a form to get a quote or ask a question.

If you want, your prospects can enter their name and email address to receive a free eBook or join your newsletter, so you can build your mailing list to email market too. You can even have your own blog. If this sounds like more work then your willing to do, we can even do it all for you. We are after all a full service Inbound Marketing Agency.

We also own our own hosting company to host our clients websites, our servers are super fast and extremely secure and we back up your website on a regular basis. If you prefer, you have full access to your cPanel and your website if you would like to add content yourself, our we can do it for you.
Our websites will sell your products and services 24/7/365 while you sleep. Remember this amazing fact, 91.5% of all people searching on a search engine only look at page one! Only 4.8% look at page two! If you are not on page one you are losing a lot of business.
If you are not on page one you basically don’t exist to the vast majority of people searching for what you sell. But here is the good news, we also specialize in local marketing, that means we have a great chance of getting your business on page one in your city. And of course we do professional SEO to get you to rank nationally if that is also your market.
The best part of all, this website money machine like all the rest of our money machines is guaranteed to return every penny of your investment in the form of increased sales and profits from these online customers. So it’s technically free!