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Hi, this is Ron, I think it’s very important that you read this ENTIRE page. I believe it’s the most important page for “YOU” on this website. This page has information that can change your life and your business forever!

I have some amazing proven business systems that you won’t find anywhere else! They’ll change your financial future, give you your life back by not having to work unless you want too. They’ll remove all your stress and overwhelm. They’ll allow you to finish your projects. And they’ll increase your sales, profits and your cash flow and give you the business of your dreams!

I guarantee every custom system I create for you! The guarantee certificate that you’ll receive with each Money Machine that you choose says that every penny that you invest in your Money Machine, will be returned to you through the increase in sales & profits that it generates, or I’ll work for you at no charge until you are satisfied. This makes them all technically free!

Amass Profits was created by me to be all about you, all the time. I don’t want to talk about me, however right now you are reading the “About” page and I am Amass Profits. The reason you need to read a little about me is so you know all the things I have done. Then you’ll “know” all the ways I’m qualified to help you, and experience is everything. 

I promise while there is a little about me below, there is way more about you. Please remember I’m talking about 2 different types of entrepreneurs right now because I can tremendously help both of them because I’m both types. The 2 types are “brick and mortar” and “online” entrepreneurs.

Let us start with the brick and mortar entrepreneur: You own a brick and mortar “physical” business in a city. The odds are that you work way too many hours, are stressed out an overwhelmed. Your to-do list is endless an gets longer every day. You have many important projects that you need to do, but they have sat for years because you can never get time to work on them.

Your brain is so packed with a million different things you have to remember, that you never have a clear head to focus properly. You go to bed thinking of all these things, then when you fall asleep your brain keeps working, trying to resolve all the issues in your head. You don’t even feel like you slept. Now you may be saying, how does he know all that about me?

Because that was me 20 years ago. It was 1996, I had owned two brick & mortar sales offices for several years. I had an inside marketing department and staff of 15 people and 60 outside salespeople. I had to train all of them, all the time because I was the only one that had the information they needed.

Talk about working too many hours, sometimes 16 hours a day and I had all the stress and overwhelm a person could handle. And I couldn’t believe I had so many thoughts crammed into my head and yes my brain always worked on all that stuff while I tried to sleep. I never knew having your own big business could be so hard.

Now the part where I can help you: I have over 25 years in traditional sales, sales training, and marketing. We now call this “Outbound Marketing,” because all the prospecting is in an outward direction like cold calling and traditional advertising etc.

But I’m proud to say even back then I was ahead of my time on the marketing side. I actually had created my first perfect marketing system. It was a referral system that was so good that each time I did a presentation with a client I would get at least four referrals every time. I’m talking set appointments! I ran nothing but referrals, my closing rate was around 80%!

Once I started hiring salespeople, I taught them the referral system too and my business exploded! I had the fastest growing Satellite office in the US, money was pouring in and of course, I just had to get that Lamborghini. Many of my sales people were making 10K a month! I had my first “Referral Money Machine”  20 years ago!

That is why I have a brand new Referral Money Machine available for you today because referrals still work perfectly. It’s the exact same referral system I use at Amass Profits today working with local businesses, I’m a referral only business. The Outbound businesses today need a powerful proven referral system more than ever because of the Internet.

Back to my story, it’s still 1996 and the sales were pouring in. Then something happened, caller ID came out and it became much harder to set appointments. This was the beginning of the slowing of Outbound Marketing because of technology. Today not only do we have caller ID but over 200 million people are now on the no call list. The biggest killer of outbound marketing today is the Internet.

If you are wondering why your Outbound sales are down, that is why it will never be like it used to be. But don’t worry I have systems to fix that too. People wanting your products or services now have learned to tune out traditional outbound advertising because they don’t need it or want to listen to it. The reason is because they research everything before they buy now, they search Google, Bing or Yahoo and their favorite social media sites for recommendations by word of mouth.

This is why it is so important to begin to implement “Inbound Marketing” which also includes Social Media Marketing into your business because it places your website in front of these prospects where they are searching and hanging out.

So anyway back in 1996 caller ID really got me looking around for another opportunity. There were some dot com opportunity’s and I was intrigued by this amazing new thing called the Internet. So trying to make a long story short, in 1996 I began helping brick & mortar businesses advertise on the Internet, I was hooked!

So I have been an Internet (Inbound) Marketer for 20 years. But I could never forget where I came from, I have always and still do love brick and mortar and outbound sales. I have been watching the slowing of success with businesses doing outbound marketing. But I knew I could help them.

I knew they just needed to add proper internet marketing techniques to help increase their sales and cash flow. But instead, most of them searched out a web designer or even worse, build some drag and drop website them self. Those types of websites are nothing more, than a business card that sits on page 100 in Google, that no human will ever see.

So then they have a warm and fuzzy feeling that they have a website and are with the times. If you were to ask most business owners how many leads and sales are you getting from your website, you just get a blank stare and then they say not any!

I knew the only reason they weren’t getting leads, was because people searching for what they sold, could never ever find their website. Even if they had found the website, it was nothing more than a big business card that just sat there. Because of its wording or lack there of, it would never cause a lead to call or come into the business, or do anything else but leave.

I knew all they needed was my “Website Money Machine.” So I began spending a lot of money learning how to create state-of- the- art websites, using fast clean code and SEO techniques, to get them to rank high in the search engines targeting their prospects. I spent 10K acquiring the best intellectual property on copy-writing, to make the websites words grab attention. This is the only way to make a website bring in leads, sales, get the visitors to call, come into the store or fill out a form for more information.

Then I spent another 15K learning whats called “Local Marketing” so I could get clients websites on page 1 of Google in their city. This is one of the things I do now, so I have a great chance to get your website on page one. And you have to be on page one, because 91.5% of all searchers looking for what you sell, don’t look any further than page one!

So now I had all those systems created, but I couldn’t forget all the stress, overwhelm and long hours from my first big business. So I knew I had to find a solution for my clients, to give them some relief from the nightmare, to finally have the business of their dreams. Then I read the book called “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber and it changed the way I looked at how all businesses should be run!

I urge you to read this amazing book, it will make you a business systems believer. It was the answer I was looking for. Systematizing your entire business will change your life forever for the better. The funny thing is while the book gets you excited about systematizing your business it doesn’t tell you how. So I went on to spend another 35K in intellectual property on business systematization and how to do it.

Then I invested another 40K into Intellectual property teaching me all the ways to grow a business to increase my client’s sales, profits and cash flow. I learned from the masters like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Tony Robbins and Alan Weiss. What I love about full systematization is you could take a year off, come back and your business will have grown, as long as you also have the proper marketing systems installed.

So anyway I’m more than qualified to help you and I have always been hands on. I even personally built and designed this website, no one else has ever touched it. I do it to stay sharp on all the latest cutting edge technology and to perfect my systems. I still invest and will continue to invest in the latest Intellectual property so you don’t have to.

So don’t try any of this at home because it’s foolish. I just saved you from having spend 90K and twenty years trying to learn all this stuff. You’ll die of old age and probably lose your business because you were too focused on trying to learn and set all this up. Now if you are so hands on that you want to do this yourself, I’ll share my 90K in Intellectual property with you.

I’ll be your mentor, trainer, and coach. Now I just saved you from wasting 20 years of having to study. If you have a staff member that you would want me to train instead, that’s fine too. If you don’t have a real marketing department at this time, of even a staff member that has time to do it, remember it is a lot cheaper to let Amass Profits do your marketing for you because that’s what we do.

We are a one stop shop, we even “Host” your website and get your URL if you don’t own one. I have a lot of titles but I only use one: “Business Growth Expert.”  But I’m also a Business Systems Expert, Internet Inbound Marketer, Local Marketer, Outbound Sales Trainer, Copy-Writer and a Customer Generating Money Making Competition Crushing Awesome Looking Website Creator. 🙂

So take advantage of your free 30 minute “Business Explosion Session” with me.  Go to our “Contact” page and fill in your request. I look forward to talking with you.

Now this where I write about helping the Online Entrepreneur:

But really I already have above, I will mentor you to do any of the things I do above. And this is huge, I’ll save years off your learning curve, plus I’ll protect you from all the wrong directions you can take trying to make money online.

Without having a mentor to guide you that has been there and done that, the Internet Gurus will suck you into an endless black whole, of spending a lot of money on courses forever, your head will explode from information overload. After 10 years of doing that, you’ll be more confused than ever, and I’m not kidding it happened to me.

OK, one the last thing, if you only focus on one piece of advice it needs to be this. If you are on that information overload train, stop it today and find an experienced Internet Marketer, that will coach you over the phone for one hour. They may charge $250 to $300 for the hour, but it will be the best money you ever spent, far better than wasting that money on a digital course that just sits on your hard drive.

But of course call me first because I’ll give the first 30 minutes free. But if you decide to call me back or continue on the call, since you are on my website reading this, I already consider you family. So I’ll give you the family price of $97 per hour! 🙂

Now that price is a real special and could change at any time. What ever Coaching call price is on this page the day of the call is the price.

So again, take advantage of your free 30 minute “Business Explosion Session” with me. Go to our “Contact” page and fill in your request. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Ron Brown